What does the course offer?
The course offers a safe place to explore and examine your relationship with cannabis, leading you to a place where you will feel motivated, even comfortable, about your decision to stop smoking dope.

Is it therapy?
No, we are dealing with the specific issue of your cannabis dependence.

Is the course open to everybody?
You will need to be eighteen years or over. If you are receiving medication for mental health problems you will need a letter from your health practitioner or therapist explaining your treatment regime. You will also need to be able to understand and make yourself understood in English, and be able to fill out the pre-admission form.

Why do we work in a group?
We’re all here for the same reason, all of us have admitted, even if only to ourselves that Cannabis has become a problem for us. From that starting point we will learn from each other’s experience, perhaps even laugh about our stories and support each other to move on in our lives. Others in the same situation as yourself will fully appreciate what it takes to give up a drug that many of us have long considered harmless and non- addicitive.

How long does the course last?
Please be at the venue from 9.30am on the Saturday. The course will start at 9.45 sharp and will finish at 5.00pm at the latest. There will be a 45 minute break for lunch. Please arrive by 9.45 on the Sunday. The course will start at 10.00am sharp and will finish at 1.00pm. Tthe midweek support sessions will run for six weeks from 7.30-9.00pm.

Can I smoke cigarettes?
The Conway Hall is a non-smoking building however there will be morning and afternoon coffee/cigarette breaks and a 45 minute break for lunch.

What about follow up?
Follow up sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings, cost and venue TBA. Also unlimited email support and contact from other participants via the message boards.

When will I actually stop smoking?
After the end of the first day you will be invited to go home or back to where you are staying and smoke your last joint or pipe. You will be offered advice as to what to do with any left over dope and drug paraphernalia.

Can I start the course if I have been smoking that morning?
This is not advised in fact you should be experimenting with cutting down your intake in the weeks before starting the course. Please, under no circumstances bring any dope with you or into the room, unless asked to do so, and don’t smoke dope during any of the breaks.

Can I join the course if I have already stopped smoking dope?
Absolutely: The Clearhead Programme can only reinforce your decision and add further motivation.

Can my partner, parent, lover, boss, best friend attend?
If they have a cannabis problem yes, should you want them to. But if not, no.

What do I need to bring?
Just bring yourselves.

Why is the course only in London?
London is where we are based, so naturally it is our starting point. However from 2006 we aim to run courses in other UK cities. Please contact us expressing your interest. This will allow us to prioritise your area.