No Need For Weed

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Clearhead was founded in 2005 as a support website for people in the UK seeking to address their relationship with cannabis.
For three years founders Adrienne M and James Langton moderated the website whilst running a series of experimental weekend workshops in central London together with follow-up support meetings.

At that time Adrienne and James were driven by a frustration that people struggling to control or quit their cannabis use were not recognised by mainstream drug services as having genuine dependency issues.

Also many cannabis users themselves were unsure as to whether it was possible to have problems with a plant based material that for the majority appeared a less harmful and addictive recreational option than legal drugs such as tobacco and alcohol.

In 2008 the workshops ended and James Langtonā€™s book No Need For Weed was published which synthesised all he had learnt from his own experience of prolonged heavy use and his attempts at quitting. The book was written to be used alongside an audio hypnotherapy recording developed by psychotherapist Angela Jullings, produced especially to help cannabis quitters relax and get some sleep during those early insomniac days and nights of cannabis withdrawal.

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