No Need for Weed: Understanding and Breaking Cannabis Dependency

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This book is designed to let you consider your relationship with weed openly and honestly. For the first time, here is a book that offers a real understanding of how cannabis interacts with all areas of life – from sleep, work and relaxation to our emotions, our senses, and our creativity, as well as our relationships. Using his own experience – and that of other people that he has worked with – James Langton offers a step-by-step guide to letting go of cannabis dependency, through the adjustment period and into recovery, helping you make the most of this positive life change and move forward to a place where you can clearly see that there really is No Need for Weed.

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3 reviews for No Need for Weed: Understanding and Breaking Cannabis Dependency

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    A. Hobbs

    This is the best book for helping to quit and understand cannabis
    By A. Hobbs on 29 May 2009
    Format: Paperback
    I read this book after deciding that smoking cannabis for over 16 years was becoming a problem for me and holding me back.

    I do not read many books but have read this from start to finish in 2 weeks. I will re-read the book. It makes great reading and I have quit cannabis with the help of this book.

    The book is written in a clear way and is easy to read and understand.

    It goes into great detail as to why people smoke cannabis, with out preaching or being too negative about the evil weed. You read the book and then can make up your own mind.

    I have not smoked for 2 weeks today, and thats after smoking daily for over 16 years. For me its a major achievement. The book goes into detail on what happens at all the stages, from being stoned to being clear headed. It explains what feelings you may experience when quitting, from those night sweats to the dreams that will come back your way.

    For me, its got to be the most helpful book I have ever read. I also downloaded the Hypnotherapy MP3 from Clearhead which is also very helpful.

    This has got to be the best £10 I have ever spent.

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  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Holistic Approach to Breaking Cannabis Dependency
    By Gerry on 11 Jun. 2009
    Format: Paperback
    James Langton writes from the depths of his 30 year experience of cannabis dependency providing an insightful and practical guide for anyone who seriously wants to stop using this so called ‘soft’ drug.

    He takes the reader through the stages of preparing to stop smoking cannabis giving interesting and useful illustrations from his wealth of knowledge as an ex user and organiser and facilitator of cannabis support groups.

    Until i read James book I was a user myself for 30 plus years. it was mainly due to this book that I was finally able to stop. This book has changed my life for ever !!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Best book out there on cannabis addiction
    By Bluebell on 8 Jun. 2009
    Format: Paperback
    Quite simply the best book ever written on this often misunderstood subject. The author had a self-confessed 30 year cannabis addiction so he really knows what he is talking about. Those of us who end up smoking every day, often on our own, feel like there is no real help out there from drug treatment places or the NHS for cannabis addiction so there is nowhere to go for help and no-one to understand how trapped, hopeless and depressed this addiction can make us feel. When you read the book you will feel more understood than you ever have in your whole life and feel like some of the pages have come from your own mouth. It is intelligent and thoughtful and not saying in any way that cannabis is evil – it isn’t, it is just that those of us who end up trapped and isolated and smoking every day can feel there is no way out. If that sounds familiar then it will be the best £10 you have ever spent.

    There is also a website attached to the book, Clearhead, and this gives us the chance to post our feelings surrounding this difficult subject and get helpful advice, brilliant support and a clear perspective from others who are experiencing the same journey. I have felt for 14 years that I was unable to give up and as a result felt hopeless and very depressed. The book and website have both played a huge part in me finally being able to quit. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If there was 100 stars on this review I would give it 100.

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