The Clearhead weekend course is designed to help those who are ready and willing to make positive changes in their lives around their use of Cannabis.

The course offers the opportunity to finally end your relationship with dope in a supportive group environment with others who have made the same decision to move forward with their lives.

Ultimately the course is for people seeking the benefits of a healthier lifestyle: mentally, physically, and spiritually. The course will help to remind you that being high naturally is part of our birthright.

To increase your chances of success in stopping your Cannabis use, we don’t recommend that you attempt to stop smoking cigarettes at the same time. Once you have got used to living your life dope-free there is plenty of support available to help you with your nicotine addiction.
(also see the Cannabis and tobacco pages on this site.)

Please think long and hard if you are coming on the course for the benefit of your partner, your parents or your boss. This is about your choices.